Welcome to a winter season of pop up screenings + café style debates, hosted by local Transition Town Network groups in cosy venues around Camden.

Each café event features a section Tomorrow’ (the acclaimed indie French film ‘Demain’, with English sound track), and explores inspiring ways ‘ordinary’ people are working together to solve the ecological, economic and social challenges facing local communities across the globe.

Beginning as a crowd funding phenomenon, ‘Tomorrow’ went on to win Best Documentary award at the Cesars (French Oscars) in 2016. It is now on release in 29 countries and has become a hugely influential focus for sharing ideas and linking up creative low impact solutions for fairer and more sustainable FOOD, ENERGY, TRANSPORT, ECONOMICS, DEMOCRACY AND EDUCATION worldwide.

At each café event, screenings are followed by free flowing discussion around the café tables: where we’re joined by local movers and shakers and experts in the café topic, to explore ideas for developing innovative local futures in our own locality.

Join us to celebrate some optimistic futures unfolding quietly around the world – and to hear about some great initiatives in our own community. Get informed and be inspired, and add YOUR energies to the mix for a friendlier, fairer + more sustainable future right here in North London.

All over the world, solutions already exist.

Monday 8-10pm 21 May The 2018 Grafton, 22 Prince of Wales Rd. NW5 3LG

Join us with education consultant and local school governor, Madelaine Hoult and guests to explore what sort of education young people need to become the creative, compassionate and courageous citizens of tomorrow, capable of navigating the great changes they will live through? What are the qualities, skills and abilities that will enable them to flourish? And how can we ensure that ALL children get the opportunities they need? View the education section of ‘Tomorrow’ , join the debate, and share YOUR vision and ideas on our children’s education.

Monday 8-10pm 23 April 2018. Grafton, 22 Prince of Wales Rd. NW5 3LG

Explore ways that people across the globe are building more representative and more strongly democratic local decision making, that cuts across old political frameworks. Share practical ideas for a more participatory local politics, and stronger bottom up local democracy here in North London. Inspiring talk from key speaker/facilitator Frances Northrop of The New Economics Foundation. Extracts from acclaimed documentary TOMORROW. Stand up poetry from the Democracy Soapbox and plenty of participatory debate from around the café tables.

Tuesday 8-10pm  Weds.21th February 2018. Primrose Hill Community Centre, 29 Hopkinson’s Pl, London NW1 8TN

Explore strategies for building robust local economies that enable communities to flourish. That combine prosperity with a fairer + more respectful approach to world resources and human labour. And that give us what WE want and need – not what global industries want to sell us.

Monday 8–10pm 29th January 2018. The Grafton, 22
Prince of Wales Rd. NW5 3LG.

What do the streets + neighbourhoods of tomorrow look like? Will the future really be more local? And what matters most in our cities? Vibrant local high streets? Our children’s right to clean air? Friendly + resilient local neighbourhoods? And how will we travel around? Share YOUR vision + explore practical ways for creating non-polluting travel + transport, and greener local neighbourhoods.

Tuesday. 9th January 2018 8-10pm, The Vine, 86 Highgate Rd, London NW5 1PB.

How can we heat our homes, power our lives + make the things we need without adding to pollution + turning up the heat on climate change? Explore ways renters, landlords + home owners can ALL be part of the change to cleaner, greener homes, with improved comfort AND lower energy bills! Discover how to support the ‘Green Shift’ in energy generation – including innovative community renewables in our area.

Monday 30th October 8-10pm The Grafton, 20 Prince of Wales Rd.NW5

Explore + share ideas for affordable alternatives to the global food industry. Food that’s safe + pesticide free. That supports local farms and urban food growing. Reduces climate changing emissions. And celebrates community + the seasons.

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