The Listening Space | Caversham Group Practice

The Listening Space is a patients’ community garden in the central courtyard of the Caversham Group Practice. It’s for anyone who’d like to come and potter around a garden in a relaxed and friendly environment. You don’t have to know about gardening and you don’t have to feel pressured about making conversation.

The garden is meant to be like an imaginary village hall in the centre of Kentish Town, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, where we grow flowers and food that is shared; and where we hold seasonal celebratory gatherings. It’s a gentle way to come together as a community: a base to connect with people in a simple way.

It’s currently open regularly 2-3pm every Thursday and is totally free. People can come as little or as much as they like. Or maybe just come and visit one of seasonal special events like our spring bulb planting or mid-winter social. We’re also actively looking for local charities, who would like to do communal events in our garden.

There are no age limits, you don’t have to speak good English, you can love gardening or not know one end of a courgette from another. It’s a safe environment to meet new people and to make friends by working together on a communal project.

The team at Transition Kentish Town has been asked to collaborate on turning a really neglected, derelict huge courtyard into a bucolic garden that could really help patients, and bring the community together. Many patients were victims of war, isolated folks and people cut off from society.

We want to help her turn The Listening Space, into a place where the doctors can listen to patients; a space where we can grow veg and fruit; herbs and plants which originate from as many places around the world as her patients come from. We want The Listening Space to provide a truly multi-cultural environment.

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