St. Anne's Church

Power Up North London (PUNL) – is a joint project between Transition Dartmouth Park, Transition Tufnell Park and Transition Kentish Town. The Transition Towns movement in the UK aims to make communities stronger, greener and more self-reliant.

Following in the steps of community groups in Brixton and Hackney, PUNL formed in 2014 with the aim of generating locally owned renewable energy and using the profits to benefit our community.

In November 2015 PUNL was awarded a grant from the Urban Community Energy Fund to cover feasibility costs for one or more solar projects in North London.

They began speaking to St. Anne’s Church in Highgate who were considering solar panels as part of a refurbishment project taking place at the Church. With the refurbishment the Church hopes to create more space for community activities including the Church’s successful community lunches and a youth project, meaning more daytime use when solar energy can be utilised.

As the Church is listed and in a conservation area, a large part of this feasibility work was putting together a planning application which was approved in July. This was largely down to the support of the 106 residents who sent comments in favour of the application.

Given the potential benefits of solar to the Church and surrounding community, they agreed in early 2016 to use some of our funding to explore the feasibility of a 19kW installation on the south facing roof.

In November 2015 PUNL was awarded a grant from the Urban Community Energy Fund to cover feasibility costs for one or more solar projects in North London.

Who are we?

PUNL are a community business of around 10 local volunteers with experience in finance, policy, engineering, communications and strategy.

What do we do?

We partner with organisations in our community to deliver renewable energy generation and carbon reduction projects. We are currently focusing on two areas – Solar &/or LEDs.

Can we help you?

Yes, if:

  • You have a sizeable south facing roof, with no shadow
  • You have medium-high energy consumption
  • You have non-LED lights, particularly if old/inefficient
Track Record

We helped St Anne’s Church to install 19 kW of solar pv in September 2016 (see first page) by undertaking a full feasibility study and raising £30,000 of community investment.

How do we help?

  1. Arrange a feasibility study: To understand if you could install solar panels and/or LED lights from a technical and financial perspective
  2. Community share offer: We will raise the capital expenditure costs by asking members of the community to invest in the project, in return for financial, environmental and social returns
  3. The benefits to you: 
    1. Financial: save money straight away on your energy bills with no upfront cost
    2. Social/environmental: key partner in a pioneering community energy project
  4. The community benefits: triple-bottom line returns
    1. Financial: a financial return for investors
    2. Environmental: reduced CO2 emissions
    3. Social: bring the community together + support those in need by spending any surplus we make on community projects

Interested in partnering with us? Great!

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