Community Conversation

On Saturday 22 September 2018, locals explored the question “How can we, individually and collectively, co-create a future that we want for our local community?”

How can we build on what we have?  What’s possible in Kentish Town and where should we start? At the community meeting we talked about what matters to us and what is right for our community. We agreed the following next steps:

  • To map existing local places that people can go to meet others, share skills and tools
  • Work with the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum to defend and better use our spaces
  • Reach out and work alongside diverse community groups and young people. Transition Kentish Town will ask community groups if they want to co-host community meals using ingredients from the Veg Box
  • Inform people about Camden Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) and see how it can be supported
  • Bring together a small group of people to find out the best way to connect small actions by individuals to bigger actions, so that we can have a bigger impact

If you want to be involved in taking any of these ideas forward, please contact us.

Alistair Stephens