Tomorrow ‘Demain’

Transition Kentish Town invites you to join us in a viewing of this inspiring documentary. It’s a positive response to the global ecological crisis and a celebration of local people all over the world who are creating innovative solutions.

When: Monday 17 October
Time: 7pm
Where: The Grafton (upstairs), 20 Prince of Wales Road, NW5 3LG

 Responding to warnings that the planet may be on the verge of a mass extinction cycle unseen since the last Ice Age, ecological rights advocate Cyril Dion and actress-filmmaker Melanie Laurent set out on a multinational voyage. During their trip, they met community pioneers who are reinventing agriculture, energy, the economy, democracy and education. By shedding light on these positive and progressive initiatives, they document the emergence of what could be tomorrow’s world.

“It’s fascinating how, as a species and as a culture, we are brilliant at imagining our own extinction. We make films about whether we’ll all be wiped out by zombies or nuclear bombs or diseases or robots or aliens. But where are the films about us actually turning something round and… solving the problem? We don’t really have those films. Human beings are so ingenious and creative, we could do extraordinary things, but for that we need to tell ourselves those stories.” Rob Hopkins, founder of Transition Towns

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