Going wild?

Tuesday 27/11, Upstairs at The Grafton, NW53LG, 7:30-9:30pm

Going wild?

You know you want to! Join us for an evening of lively debate on reinventing our relationship with nature & creating inspiring local rewilding actions…

Let’s ban herbicides in Camden & create urban wildlife corridors

Come and play the web of life game & drink botanical cocktails

Community Conversation

On Saturday 22 September 2018, locals explored the question “How can we, individually and collectively, co-create a future that we want for our local community?”

How can we build on what we have?  What’s possible in Kentish Town and where should we start? At the community meeting we talked about what matters to us and what is right for our community. We agreed the following next steps:

  • To map existing local places that people can go to meet others, share skills and tools
  • Work with the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum to defend and better use our spaces
  • Reach out and work alongside diverse community groups and young people. Transition Kentish Town will ask community groups if they want to co-host community meals using ingredients from the Veg Box
  • Inform people about Camden Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) and see how it can be supported
  • Bring together a small group of people to find out the best way to connect small actions by individuals to bigger actions, so that we can have a bigger impact

If you want to be involved in taking any of these ideas forward, please contact us.

World Cafe invite – Economics Saturday 22nd September NW5 2SP @ 1:30

Join the conversation to create a thriving future that meets our needs within the planet’s resources

Everyone is welcome. Snacks and drinks provided.  Venue is Wheel chair accessible.

Your talents, time and creativity is needed.  Are you up for it?

When: Saturday 22nd September

Where: Kentish Town Community Centre, 17 Busby Place, London NW5 2SP  Time: 1.30-3.00 pm

A good society makes it possible for everyone to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. Yet, our society is currently focused solely on profit, and people are forced to chase money rather than happiness. The laws and policies that we make lay down tracks that determine where the economy takes people. Right now, our economy is built around profit rather than being built to get people to their true needs.

We at Transition Kentish Town believe it’s possible to meet our needs within the planet’s finite resources but it requires us to step outside what we know and engage in dialogue with each other.  Join the conversation where our time together will be spent in small groups of 4 or 5 people on this question:

How can we, individually and collectively co-create a future that we want for our local community?

As local residents we know that we face difficult challenges, yet for those of us who are ready to rebel, to question and to think again, these are exciting times.

We are not starting from scratch.  Our libraries, parks and public services are examples of this future.  Locally, we have created Camden Air Action, Veg box, Power Up North London and the Listening Space as examples of the future we want to see.  We want to build on this, based on what matters locally.

“Anyone who believes in indefinite growth in anything physical, on a physically finite planet, is either mad or an economist.” – Kenneth E. Boulding

Spring Bulb Trail – Saturday 6th October @ 11:30

Join us to plant Spring bulbs on a trail of our community gardens around Kentish Town.

When: Sat 6/10 11:30am-3pm.

Where: 11:30-12:30 Listening Space Garden, Caversham Group Practice. 12:30 -1:30 Platform 1 Cottage Garden, Kentish Town Overground. 1:30-2pm Drink at Bull and Last, Highgate Road 2pm-3pm Grow Lissenden, Lissenden Gdns Highgate Rd, NW5

Please bring: A packet of brightly coloured bulbs!


The day before Tomorrow: Dreams of a Summer evening 08.07.18

Image: Mike T Photography

SUNDAY 8 JULY: FREE EVENT hosted by members of the local Transition Towns network and LUX Centre in Waterlow Park, featuring highlights from the acclaimed French documentary film ‘TOMORROW’ (‘Demain’, with English subtitles)’ followed by an informal mingling of people and ideas over locally sourced seasonal refreshments in Waterlow Park’s Kitchen Garden.

LUX Centre, Waterlow Park, and Waterlow Park Kitchen Garden, Waterlow Park Highgate Hill, Highgate, London N6 5HD 
6-9pm (Screening 6-7pm; refreshments and celebration 7-9pm)

CELEBRATE: Join us to celebrate some optimistic futures that are unfolding around the world, and to find out about ideas for a friendlier, fairer and more sustainable future right here in North London, generated by our own local season of ‘TOMORROW’ film café debates. Share the buzz, add your voice to the debate, vote for the ideas you like best and find out about getting involved.

‘DEMAIN’: AN AWARD-WINNING MOVIE: From its crowd funded origins as an indie documentary, to becoming winner of the Best Documentary Award at the 2016 French Film ‘Cesars’, Demain’ has become a hugely influential focus for sharing inspiring ways ‘ordinary’ people are working together to the solve ecological, economic and social challenges facing local communities across the globe.

FREE EVENT – Donations welcomed to support further film making by the ‘Demain’ team, and help kick start local projects.

Tomorrow – Beyond the Exam Factory

Come and share ideas of how we can make our education system fit for the future!
Monday 21st May, 8-10pm. The Grafton, NW5 3LG

What is education for?
How do we educate for active citizenship?
Who decides the curriculum?

Join our panel of students, parents and professionals to discuss how to move education forward. Includes extracts from the award winning film ‘Demain’, which features ways local people are working together to develop local solutions to global problems.

Tomorrow – People Power Local Democracy

An inspiring free film, rant and debate. Have your say on our Pop-up Soap Box/dish
Monday 23 April | 8:00-10:00pm @ The Grafton Pub, NW5 3LG.

Come and share ideas on how we can create a more participatory local politics, active citizenship and bottom up democracy. Event includes talk from Frances Northrup from amazing New Economics Foundation.

Includes extracts from the award winning ‘Demain’ which features ways local people are working together to develop local solutions to global problems.

Tomorrow – Transport

An inspiring free film and discussion event.
Monday 29 January | 8:00-9:30pm @ The Grafton Pub, NW5 3LG.

Come and share ideas on the future of transport in London. Hear from the champions of alternative transport. Let’s bust pollution from our streets. Includes extracts from the award winning ‘Demain’ which features ways local people are working together to develop local solutions to global problems.