Is there any community in fracking?

We had an interesting discussion evening on fracking in November at The Grafton, a debate that led to pretty much everyone in the room coming out against it. We thought that Camden Council should follow Brent’s lead and declare the borough a “frack-free zone”.

Rob Hopkins has just written an interesting blog post about shale gas from a Transition perspective, looking at whether there is any substance to David Cameron’s contention that shale gas will benefit local communities.

Read Rob Hopkins’ blog post on shale gas

I particularly enjoyed this quote:

Why is it OK for large energy companies to buy the rights from the government to a resource that really belongs to the people of this country, in order that they extract it, sell it back to us, take the bulk of the profits elsewhere, leave us with the mess, and having to live in the warmed and more unstable climate thus created?

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